The cryptocurrency that began as a joke has skyrocketed in value due to memes, the promise of a big win.

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After rallying more than 6,000 percent this year, it remains essentially a joke — albeit one with a potentially darker punchline. There is no rationale for it to be beneficial. Dogecoin appears to have little commercial or investment intent other than facilitating speculative mania and the pursuit of profit. …

At the moment, NFTs are the trend in crypto. Are you considering issuing one? It will help if you read this.

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As with DeFi coins and initial coin offerings (ICOs), non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are the new crypto craze. Despite the short-term hype, several artists and critics conclude that NFTs do have long-term viability.

Indeed, NFTs have a range of exciting applications; in reality, NFTs are described as the creative economy’s future. However, the idea of NFTs is still unfamiliar to the majority of the world. Many of the people who will profit from their creation become confused when the term ‘non-fungible is used.

In other words, there is unquestionably a learning curve associated with diving into the world of NFTs…

The World’s First Publicly Traded Human Selling at $1 a Share to Investors to Control His Life

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On January 26, 2008, Mike Merrill, a thirty-year-old part-time entrepreneur, agreed to sell himself on the open market. He divided himself into 100,000 shares and set a $1 per share for the initial public offering. Each share will give him a possible return on income earned outside of his day job as a customer service representative at a small software company in Portland, Oregon. Over the years, Merrill’s friends, associates, and strangers purchased 14,924 shares, leaving Merrill with a sustainable income. He retained 99.1 …

A Comprehensive Overview of the Writing Process

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Each writer approaches their work uniquely. Specific authors work from beginning to end. Others work in fragments that they then organize, while others work sentence by sentence. Understanding how and why you compose in how you do enables you to treat your writing while allowing your imagination to run wild.

How Is the Writing Process Defined?

The writing method follows a natural organization that takes an idea from creation to final draft. Most authors are unaware that the way they construct conforms to fairly conventional terminology. …

Technology transforms economies as companies and industries pursue advanced solutions

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As companies and industries embrace advanced technologies such as digital payments, online banking, and cashless transactions, economies are changing. Digital technologies are transforming capital market activities.

Indeed, technological advancements in capital markets enable increased market flexibility, increased scale efficiencies, and a reduction in market complexity. Disruptive technology has the same effect on capital markets as the fire did on the cavemen.

To be sure, new technology-assisted technologies merely augment human capabilities in today’s capital market setting. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are now integrated into financial institutions and other areas such as stock banking. …

The Peculiar comrade of French astronaut Thomas Pesquet

P. polycephalum islands in Wikimedia

Thomas Pesquet, a French astronaut, is scheduled to launch Friday for his second stay aboard the International Space Station. This time, he is accompanied by four “blobs,” odd single-celled species that are neither plants nor animals nor fungi. The objective is to determine how microgravity affects their behavior in space.

Blob, or physarum polycephalum, as it is scientifically known, is a difficult-to-classify living species: it is neither animal nor plant nor fungus. It is one of the few unicellular species apparent to the naked eye, consisting of a single cell and multiple…

When the pandemic is over, maintain these habits

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Certain habits, such as shopping locally, reducing our commutes, and traveling less, have improved the world. Other practices have decreased our risk of contracting additional illnesses. However, sustaining those patterns is more difficult said than done.

Internalizing a habit is highly dependent on its uniqueness in comparison to other patterns we have.

It can be relatively simple to develop a new habit if nothing else interferes, he explained, such as learning how to drive in a new place. It becomes more complicated when other behaviors interfere, he explained, such as eating healthy when your spouse is an avid baker.


Find out how it works and how it will shape the future

ETH logo landscape (gray) on Wikimedia

It’s a crazy world as it is; with an adage of blockchain technology, it feels like we’re living in a futuristic alternate universe. Each week, it appears as if new crypto innovations emerge, and more people become accustomed to investing in digital coins. However, countless of us do not realize that blockchain — the technology behind the curtain of cryptocurrency — can be used for purposes well beyond our current imaginations. Ethereum is the second most common network. The ether coin recently hit an all-time high of $2,400. However, before we dive into Ethereum, let’s review how blockchain technology works.

How to recognize and avoid this bad habit

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You are not alone if you just found yourself halfway through a box of sugary cereal before remembering you weren’t even hungry.

For all of us, feeding purely for the sake of hunger is an uncommon phenomenon. The majority of people have been severely impacted at some point or another by emotional eating. This may relate similarly to cravings but has its complexities.

Simply put, emotional eating occurs when you feed in response to your thoughts and feelings — rather than hunger. Both positive and negative emotions can alter eating habits in various ways, depending on the individual.

And right…

Find out the one thing you should never do after you flush

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Flushing a toilet generates vast amounts of aerosols containing microbes.

Public restrooms are particularly risky for transmitting COVID-19 due to their compact size, high foot traffic, and possible lack of sufficient ventilation. Additionally, the majority of public toilets lack toilet seat lids and urinal covers.

Depending on the design and water pressure, and flushing capacity of the toilet, flushing can produce large amounts of microbe-containing aerosols. In stagnant water and semen, feces, and vomit, several pathogens are commonly identified. …


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