Being superior to your fellow man is not noble; real nobility is superior to your former self.

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Personal and professional growth is critical for existing and future leaders. It’s the key to breaking away from the pack, the bridge that connects you to the goals you’ve yet to achieve. And the only way to consistently carve out a course that others can follow.

We also spend enormous quantities of time in activities that distract us from the reality of how brief life is, such as browsing the internet and social media for hours on end or watching television to the point of boredom. Though entertainment is enjoyable, how much time do we allow for ourselves? For professional…

Being a Writer is not Easy, but it is not a Taboo

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Writing has existed for thousands of years. You’d think we’d have worked out how to merge by now, wouldn’t you? However, when you read more, you’ll notice that no one seems to agree on how to become good with a pen.

According to whoever you listen to, becoming a writer is either the simplest thing in the world or an impossibly tricky proposition that requires a mixture of talent approaching genius, chance, and years of costly preparation.

Regardless of who you listen to, it’s critical to understand which advice about being a writer is terrible. …

McDonald’s BTS meal will be available beginning May 26 as part of a celebrity partnership menu.

BTS at the 31st Golden Disk Awards on Wikimedia

McDonald’s is collaborating with K-pop group BTS for its Popular Orders campaign. Last year, the fast-food giant began highlighting celebrity orders after partnering with rapper Travis Scott and causing a Quarter Pounder shortage at some of its locations. The promotion will start on May 26.

McDonald’s has used its Famous Orders promotions to reintroduce customers to essential menu items, such as the Quarter Pounder burger, and to remain culturally significant. In September, the company launched its marketing campaign by teaming up with rapper Travis…

Bluish dunes are found on Mars in the polar cap region. It is approximately the size of France.

Source: NASA / Free for commercial use (Blue Dunes on Mars)

Mars is referred to as the Red Planet. When you gaze at the night sky, you must understand why. The photograph from NASA, on the other hand, depicts it differently.

Mars is easily identifiable in the sky due to its red hue. This is due to the presence of iron on the surface of the object. Since the planet’s atmosphere is sparse, the color is visible from Earth, primarily through a telescope.

NASA released a previously unpublished picture in April that raises the possibility that Mars is also blue.

You can see white in the picture. Bluish dunes are found…

People who own small and mid-sized companies need to use artificial intelligence

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By now, most small and midsize business owners understand that they must use artificial intelligence to remain competitive in the digital age. However, several are unsure how to proceed.

With its ability to rapidly sift through reams of data in search of trends, machine learning has the potential to streamline processes and remove time- and money-consuming procedures that weigh down a company’s bottom line.

Perhaps it seems as if artificial intelligence tools are only available to large corporations such as Google or Apple. …

Do you ever finish a piece of writing and feel as if it reads a little flat or lacks luster?

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I wrote this article to demonstrate how I craft genuinely heartfelt and meaningful prose. When you possess some of the keys, it becomes easier to access your creative potential, which, in my opinion, every writer possesses. What I’ve learned about writing is that there are three critical components to producing moving and inspiring writing, which are as follows:

  • Assemble it in a way that is relatable to the reader
  • Write with intention
  • Embody emotion in your prose

This is one way to view the creative flow of writing, and it seems to be my experience. Writing is a very spiritual…

Federal agencies encourage organizations to patch programs against newly discovered Microsoft vulnerabilities.

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Microsoft released new Exchange 2013/2016/2019 patches on Tuesday. CISA has directed that all federal agencies implement the patches by Friday, stating that the vulnerabilities pose an unacceptable danger. Unlike the March patches that addressed gaps exploited by Chinese hackers, Microsoft stated it is unaware of any exploits of these latest vulnerabilities.

Federal agencies advised businesses that use Microsoft’s email application to patch their systems immediately to prevent malicious hackers from leveraging newly discovered vulnerabilities.

Microsoft’s newly disclosed vulnerabilities on Tuesday could allow for manipulating the company’s Exchange Server program, which both government agencies and private businesses commonly use.

The latest…

Is it possible to mirror vaccination steps from the Spanish Flu period?

Gustavo Fring in Pexels

As we approach the unthinkable landmark of 31 million cases, it is time to pause, reflect, analyze, and admit that any effort to halt the dreaded coronavirus onslaught has failed.

Although epidemiologists and world leaders try, historical warnings from the Spanish Flu forewarned the second wave of the contagion’s onslaught. As we join the second wave of COVID-19 in the United States, while the Spanish Flu’s initial wave affected approximately 1.1 million people, the second wave began in October 1918, killing about 675,000 Americans.

As ‘pandemic exhaustion’ sets in, 560,000 deaths resulting from COVID-19 do not elicit the same level…

Please hold on to your seats for this

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Is a real-life Jurassic Park Possible? Because of Elon Musk, the science fiction films we grew up watching could become a reality. Over the weekend, the co-founder of his company Neuralink revealed on Twitter that the startup business reportedly possesses the technology necessary to create their own “Jurassic Park.”

Though Elon Musk’s Neuralink is currently implanting brain chips into animals, the co-founder of the brain-computer interface startup is still considering more bizarre experiments, including a real-world “Jurassic Park.” …

Sharing these Unbelievable Facts About The Taxes You Dread

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The annual tax grumbling rituals have now come out for the races as the nation struggles to dig its cost receipts, collect its W-9 form, and spillage over those vast, juicy refunds.

Rather than lament, you can ease your mood by plunging into some of the strange and more curious curiosities around the unimaginable huge taxation scheme. Some details concern the sheer scale of the scheme and the giant mountains in which taxes change hands. Others are concerned with the past of the scheme. …


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